Monday, December 01, 2003

wah.... a real long time never cum here le... so busi lor... so mani hw to complete and later have to go sch hand in. last few days i juz went to my camp, wah after cum back so tired, and slp and slp. Me hor so busi until no time to cum online to update my things, every time cum up do 4 my camp thingz and do hw so mani things to do... During the time b4 my camp i was so busi prepare thingz like grp band, name tags, buying 23 mugz, do banner, do my cca tee and doing a live encore... in the camp i sum more i/c leh have to do reporting all tiz and also have to practise at home. so mani things to do sia... i not lyk all of u can stay at home do nth lor.... me wan to go out also have to find time leh... so far i didn't go out with my friends since holiday starts... Realli hope i'm not in tat sch, then wun have so mani things to do le ....

i realli tired until wan to DIE liao leh... if 4 u all i dun tink u all can cope with it...

gtg le, have to go sch soon to hand in hw... byez .. .. .. .. :P


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