Monday, October 21, 2013

Things hasn't been really smooth

Gotten my results for my ACCA back. Failed 1 subject but manage to pass the other 2. So this december gonna be taking one last paper before graduation hopefully. 

Failed my OBU project. Reason being not using the correct model to do the question. Not really happy with the both my school and OBU. Thus i've decided not to retake it. 

I find both my school and OBU not very professional in the way how they mark the project. A project which analyse the effectiveness of the a company's marketing strategy. End up with me having to evaluate the marketing environment. 

I'm doing a technology company and they want me to evaluate the marketing environment? I'm so shock when i received my results. 

Moreover i let my mentor knows about it and to her, she just say you just change what OBU wants. I was like what the hell. I paid $800 to my school and have a mentor doing nothing much except to tell me what is missing. I don't feel guided at all. 

Added in profitability ratio for my project before submission to my mentor and my mentor says, you need not put this ratio in. OBU say i should support it with profitability ratio. 

I'm really very shock and very very pissed off. Till now i'm still pondering if i should make this big complain to the school and ask them to refund it. It's really nonsense. 

Therefore i will not re take the project ever again. I really find them not professional enough. They have their own stand and only specific models are allowed in the project. Then why give us a range of question when u want us to use those models only? 

No one model is used universally by a company only. I really don't get it. Telling me my model is not wrong just that they want that model and i didn't use that model. 

I believe quite a few schools are always too full of themselves. They forgot something that learning is something that is continual. There is no end to it. There is no one model that could apply everything to anything. 

I'm really very disappointed to know this. But as a result they lose my trust and so they lose everything reason i could to promote in the positive way.

Just few days back received my 2nd PAP smear result. Conditions got worse. Waiting for treatment to be done at the hospital. It's pre-cancerous cell. Though not yet cancer but still could be potential. 

Had been suffering all these in silent for the past few days. Last night was hoping for care and concern from the only person i tell. End up he didn't even care. 

Was thinking of the tour guide Bruce. End up crying a few hours that night. Just hope that i will really forget the feelings for Bruce very soon... Wanted to message him to let him know my conditions but then i stopped myself from doing so. He has a life and i shouldn't disturb him 

Just hope everything will get settle down very soon... It's been over a year but i'm not sure why i havent really put it down yet. 

In life there is too much regrets. Grab it before everything is too late. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday To Myself

It's my 24th Birthday... To me this is a very special day as i'm born on 24th May. And all along i like the number 24.

On this special day there is no cake in the house for celebration. Just only a meal at my house nearby shopping mall with my parents. We enjoyed the dinner.

I let a day off from my studies. 2 more weeks to exam. I really hope i will be able to pass all 3 papers in one attempt. To be honest, i don't have much confidence at all. The last 2 paper though i had confident to pass but i only manage to score 50 marks. But now i have 3 papers on hand. Gonna work double hard for the coming 2 weeks.

I heard 3 guys singing on a guitar at my void deck. Though i can't make out the songs which they are trying to sing. But i'm gladful. We don't always see this happening everyday in our life.

It's a simple day i had. A day of relaxation. No boyfriend and major celebration with friends.

I hear my niece in germany saying happy birthday in chinese through the phone just now. This is the first time i heard her saying happy birthday in Chinese. She is 20+ months old as of now.

I hope for the coming years to come, my family health would be in good conditions. My only wish is to graduate this year hopefully.

A simple girl with a simple wish.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mixture of feelings

The moment that you know the person whom you really wished to see once again has a girlfriend right by his side and having a vacation at Japan at the current moment.

This is almost like the same situation that i face when i break up with my ex for barely 2 weeks and he got himself a new gf.

However for Bruce, we know the problem why it didn't continue to a relationship. We know the reasons. Perhaps because of it, i did not feel as hurt as i did when i first break up with my ex bf whom i have been with for 4 and half years.

Actually Bruce had been very kind to me. Because he didn't tried to hurt me when he back himself out. I'm not sure how long it took for him to meet another girl and fell in love. But i believe in the words he have said to me during the 1 month period. If he is a play boy he wouldn't be with his gf now. So he still truly love me for that 1 month period. I'm happy for that, at least i knew he is not a play boy. The trust i have in him was right.

I'm really happy that he found himself a gf whom is closer to his age. I'm really happy. I still remember i once do tell him, if he really meet another girl who is closer to his age i would let go. Yes, he did met one for sure. I will keep my promise. Though he didn't kept his. But we know the problem. Age. 14 years of difference. It's quite a big factor. Not to say distance is keeping us apart too. Also the courage that he is lack of at that time.

Actually this news came in just right at the right time for me. Luckily i didn't buy any air ticket to find him to seek the truth yet. Otherwise those money would have gone to waste.

Now i can focus on my career, my dream to open a chain of tuition center. To conduct talks to students for various purpose. Those money that i've save on my air ticket and trip would be used to open up my first tuition center. How wonderful is that.

I maybe tearing a little but i'm still happy for him and myself. This is the best situation that could ever happen in this kinda scenario.

Thank you Bruce once again for doing the right thing so that i'm back on my right track for my career and dream. It's very sad to say this, he is just like a sunlight guiding me when i'm lost at times.

I believe he will be one person i will never ever forget in my life. If i didn't ask him perhaps we could be real best friend. Anyway that is a if. In life there is no if because we can't turn back the clock.

From now on i will strive even harder to graduate this year, to do a even better planning for my upcoming biz. Work even harder for all my students. The day that i manage to become a millionaire shall be the day that i return to USA and thank him for everything. That day he might be married with kids. I might also be married and with my kids and husband spending a holiday with him as our tour guide.

Our love story is something that no one else knows and it shall be kept in our hearts till we leave this world. Only we know how we felt.

Girls out there, look into the man who you love. In his eyes you will really see the love he wants to give you. I would like to thank him for showing me alot of my first time. :)

Gonna go back to rush my project. Hopefully it will be a perfect one for my OBU.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally the most busiest period of the year is over!

I had been feeling so tired for the last 1 and half months. So tired and always lack of sleep.

Finally i manage to get all my beauty sleep back! I'm also back to my revision for my ACCA papers. Though revision is very slow but still i did made some progress. I'm very behind time for doing of my P6 (taxation) notes. Still have aleast 100 pages to summarise. But for my P3 i'm still on track. P5 i still having alot of question on how to go about doing it.

For my OBU, i haven't really start doing up part 1 of my RAP. Gosh! I'm way overdue from the timetable which i've set for completion. I guess i must really get my butts glued to the chair and start doing it. Actually i have alot of queries about how to do it. I read up as much as i can but seems like i still dun have too much a clue on how to do it. Part 1 requires 1000 words and i'm not even halfway through it. I'm still thinking what i can put into it.

tWell for Part 2 i have an idea on how to go about doing it. In fact i even suspect i might exceed the word limit of 1,500 words. Oh well, I'll just have to see how to go about doing it.

This year is a busy year for me. I just pray hard that i will get through it in 1 piece.

Good news is that i'm left with 3 papers before i can graduate from ACCA. And i'm gonna make sure i clear this 3 papers in one go. Good luck to me.

My sis just went back to Germany on the 11th of Feb. After she is back i'm feel much more better and not as stressed up now. When she is around i always have alot to do somehow. In fact for the past 2 weeks that she was here i didn't do much revision. In fact i should say hardly any revision.

I think really need someone to push me to studies at times. But no one is there to push me except myself.

For the past 1 and half months i had been telling myself. Bruce no long like me any more and he will never ever come by Singapore to give a surprise. So this is what i told myself so that i wouldn't think so much.

Giving up is something i'm trying very hard to do even of till now. I still think of him but i try my best not to think of him if possible. At times i was even thinking, does he rest well, rest enough. How is he at the moment. When i start to think of those, i told myself not to because he doesn't even bother with my life is at the moment so why should i bother about his.

I should not have too much hope on him that's what i should do. I believe i can do it.

Hopefully the next time i blog i will be over him.

Tiring but i live it in a fulfilling way. Esp the time spend with my cute niece for 2 weeks.

Hope one day i will get to have my child smiling and having fun with me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year's First Post

It's my very first post for the very new year of 2013...

Just for the past few weeks i have been so busy with my studies... 3 Professional paper to be taken this coming june exam and also i'm taking Oxford Brookes University Degree.

Feeling a little stressed up but i just got to continue to study every day if possible. The only thing i can do is to look positive as much as i can for my studies...

For work wise, i'm lighten my work load by not accepting too many students to tutor.

A support from my friends is all i need. In fact just that 1 special person is the one who can give me the most boost. But he didn't know that.

Actually i'm tired of yearning for his love... Soon this will really wear off. Bit by bit feelings are fainting and getting blur... Feel like giving up but at the same time i can't.

Oh well, what i can do now is just do my best for my studies. I limit myself to think of him, so i wun be so sad.

Happy New Year to all those who follows my blog post. :D