Saturday, December 29, 2012

Action speaks louder than words.

I finally found out the reason why i like Mr Bruce Chang so much. Just right after watching this video posted online.

I know he like me but he kept quiet throughout the trip and after the trip. Because he kept quiet. That's was the reason why i like him so much. Because he just wanted to quietly like me. With no expectation that i will reciprocrate his love. Because of that, I was really touched. Really touched by his action. I had never met a guy like him before. He is the first and i hope he is the last.

Till now i believe, he still likes me but he just want me to have a better guy. I know he is silly and i know how tough it must have felt for him to like me quietly and also to reject me until now.

I know he is a matured man. A man who thinks and worries alot. I also know he let go of me is because he want me to find a better man a better guy. But he never knew that he is just want i need.

There is so much i wish to tell him right now. So much. He taught me alot. A lot which i never expected. I grew much more matured because of him. So much more than in the past. The way how i treat my parents and everything. Without him, i may not have been better.

I really wish to talk to him right now at this very moment. I wish to tell him how grateful i am to have him by my side. No matter what i hope i can find a new way to get to him soon...

Action speaks louder than words.


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