Thursday, December 27, 2012

How do i continue my relationship?

I'm kinda at a lost now. 

I know there are a few guys out there trying to woo me trying to get my attention. Whenever i tried to go out with them for a date, i just feel that they are not my type. Am i that picky? 

Ever since the bruce incident happen, i find myself so hard trying to go out with other guys or even trying to know them more. 

Why am i this way? 

Is there anyway i can actually really open my heart and love one those guys? 

It's been months... I feel so trapped in his image somehow. 

But i can't forget it, i simply just cant forget everything so easily like how he did it. I can't forget the care and concern he gave. I can't forget the way how he looked at me, how he tried so hard to make me smile. I just can't! 

It's actually a tortured in my heart. I tried so hard letting him off my heart. 

What i'm doing now is, i'm drowning myself in work and studies. Making myself so busy such that i wouldn't have time to think of it. 

Perhaps i should have let all these feelings be buried and should have never say it out. 

Whatever he maybe doing now. I really hope he is truly happy and blissful. 


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