Monday, October 22, 2012

Parents coming home tml!!!

Finally my home alone for 8 days is gonna end tml !!

So tired after cleaning and mopping the whole house.

Then i realised i have to start my nagging on my parents soon. Because their room is super messy!!! Alot of junk inside. I guess i have to start my power nagging soon... LOLx.

Alot of things to be cleared for the house. I hope i will be able to finish clearing everything i need to clear by end of this year. Will have to ensure this house turns beautiful again... And also easy cleaning...

Move so many things here and there. Really alot of junk in the house.

I guess this is the way to do it. Since i'm single and i have to forget the feeling for the handsome, charming tour guide i met in USA.

Making myself busy with housework and cleaning is the best medicine i could think of...

And hopefully i will get a sponsor soon for my tuition center. Have big ideas, but due to a lack of funds i can't do it. I can only say Jia You to myself! !

Gonna be back to own original self... The original self before i met my 2nd ex bf, Allex Ang.

One day my prince charming will be with me, by my side. Caring and loving me every minute.


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