Sunday, May 29, 2011

Final For Soccer. Did anyone watch ?

This soccer crazy is all over singapore almost it's not World Cup...

I'm surprised that i didn't even watch it although an hour before the match start i was still sourcing for partner to watch with me....

End up, what happen, i overslept... Apparently i asked my special friend to wake me up and end up he didn't. Should he deserve a scolding? Yes ! Next time i think i wun wanna accompany him to watch soccer if he were to asked me to. Cos i'm angry le... :P

Also i should have bet yesterday. It was a spot on that Barcelona win the match. If i were to bet i would have won... Perhaps i would get my free vacation le also... :(

Anyway i'm back to my mugging mode now... Exam in less than 2 weeks time and i actually got the mood to craze for soccer for a moment. OMG !!

I believe u guys must be quite surprised as to how come i'm into soccer though i'm a girl... Haha... Actually this craze started in Sec 3/4... And it comes on and off... Hehe...

Just hope that i will get to watch it with my special one to exchange some ideas about it too... ^^

Though i dun support any teams in reality. Hehe. :P

All the best for my exams... I hope i will aleast pass this exam... So scary...


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