Friday, March 18, 2011

Little miss nobody

What you did during tuition class wasn't really to any of my liking at all...

I wasn't even judging you in the first place miss brenda. I might not know you well in depth. But from what you does your stuff in class. I see it. Seeing and judging is 2 different word.

Judging is usually based on what you hear and see. For me is, I see and feel about your attitude in class.

If you don't have a heart to learn, one can feel it. Really. This is true for any teacher in the class who loves their student alot. Irregardless whether he/she score bad or good results.

Feeling is something how you make the person feel. So for your part. Before poa CA1. During class what did you do? Playing with your phone while i was going through questions in the class. Other student(yvette) asked question. You choose not to even listen to it at all. You just shut your ears.

Not to say before the CA1. Went i go through the question again with you. Halfway through you will say i know already. When i asked you to change the format how you do your T-accounts. You choose to stick to your way of doing. End up wasting alot of time in class.

Why i say so. You look at your attitude. You just make me feel that you wanna do it your own way. So what for attend tuition class. You said freedom of speech. Alright, go ahead and do your freedom of speech now. Likewise i can say this back to you. Whatever i say now is my freedom of speech. So if you see this, you shall not say anything much. Because i'm just using what you said back onto you.

For a student like this, do you think i would wanna continue teaching ?? Obviously not. You want to do stuff your own way. Go ahead. I will not stop you. It will turn whatever you did into a habit and don't forget you are the one who is taking exam not me oki. So if you lose marks, you suffer not me.

I rather kick her out of the class rather than wasting my time just for her to rectify her mistake and wasting other people's time because you wanna act smart when you are not even qualified to do so yet.

My time with other students are so precious not to say i use every bit of my time for my own studies also. You just never see this fact that i'm also schooling. I'm doing this to help you guys.

If you know more about me from beatrice. You should know that i dun intend to open class before. Until when i heard from beatrice the results you guys are getting. The heart pain i had when i knew this was happening.

If i'm really out of money i would have have charge everything at market rate. Go outside look at the price before judging me oki. You dun even try to understand anything i'm experience at all. Stop being a pretender. Act innocent in front of others. Please la.


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