Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My Recent updates

Although i'm on a separation with my bf for a month.

But i did not waste it and will not waste it either.

I will be going away. Away to a land that no one knew me and neither can they contact me. I have to have a cool down period with a friend. I knew i need it. I'm still deciding how long should i be away.

meanwhile i have alot of friends around me giving me care and concerns very frequently.

not to say a secondary school gathering is coming up next weekend. i'm definitely looking forward to it.

I still have to tell my students how i feel about the situation now and also why would i not be able to tutor them for this few weeks. I just hope they will understand me. I just need a break away from here. To reduce stress, reduce pressure from anyone.

I know it will be a hard time going through this. But i believe i can make it through just like any other people.

All i have to say is Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou.


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