Saturday, September 01, 2007

CAT results for my papers.

In this ending half of the year i will be taking 7 papers in total. Alot isn't it ?? But of it 4 is Computer Based Exam. So i'm not afraid of anything. My aims is to go into ACCA by next year and i will be able to do it i believe.

Here are the current results.

Paper 1: 66 marks ( taken on Jul but consider as jun's 2007 paper)
Paper 3: 72 marks (Taken last week)
Paper 5: 66 marks (Dec 2006)
Paper 9 : 61 marks ( Jun 2007 )

Still got about 5 more papers for me to complete. I just hope that i will be scoring as well as those papers in front...

Wish me luck ba... HAHA...


Blogger kienjean said...


I'm truly proud of you again.

All the best!

9:14 PM  

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