Saturday, September 01, 2007

Some Updates On Me !!

This few months i have been very busy... I guess most of my friends would be wondering what could have made me so busy...

First, i've withdraw from Millennia Institute ( A-level Course).

Reasons for my withdrawal
  • Feel that it's a waste of time studying there. As i have found my ambition. Which is being an accountant. In singapore most company finding accountants with at least 3 years experience.
  • Next is that my thyriod is getting from bad to worse. So the doctor suggest that i have to try to reduce stress. Although i know that the main reason for thryriod had not been found. But i think it's quite effective for me. Now i'm feeling much better. Easier to breathe when doing vigorous excerise.
  • Heard the comments from my teachers (from my secondary school). My physic teacher gave comment to me saying that he would not recommand students to go in Millennia Institute cause the teacher there is not that good. <-- i agree with him
  • The teachers that my class is being assigned to are not the good teachers. I frequently find it hard to catch up their pace. Especially when i miss lessons just for my check up at the polyclinic.

Now i'm currently a full time student in Singapore Accountancy Academy. I've found out that the teacher's there, are much more professional. I like the school alot, although i have to take train(MRT) for about 40mins to reach there.

Currently i'm also tutoring 2 students. One is from Anderson Primary, Primary 6 and the other is from St Margaret Secondary, Seconday 2. Both are girls, easy to teach and also in the midst of perparing them for their examinations.

That's all for my current update. Hope to post a new blog soon... Sorry for the long delay for my sulawesi trip, i will try my very best to complete my 6 day trips journal soon...


Blogger kienjean said...

It should be:-

"Withdrawal" than "withdrawal" &

"tutor" than "utor", right?

9:13 PM  
Blogger Mei Jun said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Type too fast already.

11:59 PM  

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