Monday, March 12, 2007

Reviews of my past 2 months...

Time for update for my bloggy.... HAHA.... It's been a very very long time since i've lasted sign in and update some of my recent happenings.... Pre-U 2 is sure fun for me !!!

First i will tell u guys more about my Chinese New Year, although this maybe quite a bored one since i never go malaysia to celebrate. But it's sure a nice one. Becos my sister is around. Home is sure different with my sister around. Although it's not a month that my sis is around but it's sure a special Chinese New Year for me and family. I think it's about 3 yrs since we have last celebrated new year with my sister. I believe the whole family is happy to know that. For the new year, i hope my sis will enjoy her days in Germany....

Next is my recent Pre-U 2 Fun day (MI Amazing Race)... It's sure a very nice experience for me to run around with my class at the Northern part of Singapore. It's a brand new experience that i've ever had it. Recent posting by my classmates in this page reminded me of all the fun and togetherness we've had with the class... It's so fun and exciting that day... It's quite sad that we actually lost to 06B1 just by 4 marks... However i'm not upset at all cos my class have gain this team spirit that i've never ever seem it in my previous class at all.

Also my release of my CAT result was a good one. I got 66 marks in total and it's a pass for me. I was quite surprise that i actually pass the examination. I actually tot i would fail but it's not true... HaHa....

Also during the first week of june i might be going overseas with the school... The Geography Field Trip. However it's not confirm cos my teacher only can bring 30 students out but 60 students signed up for the Field Trip. So balloting will be done. I guess i will know if i'm going only with school reopens on the 19th of March.

Also recently i've sign up for this South West Singing Competition. It's only open to age 13-19. Top prize is $3000 cash and plus some vouchers. I'm quite confident to sing... But the thing is that i'm afraid of my competitor is too strong to fight against.

Actually for the past 2 weeks i've been struggling between 2 competition. Either the Campus Superstar or the South West Singing Competition. I went ahead with the South West Competition becos i think that i'm not qualified enough to be in the Campus Superstar. I dun think i will ever make it to the top 20. As the possibility is quite low for me. Especially my looks. I have no confidence of it. Althought this might gain popularity for my school but i dun really feel that i wan to be in it. Especially the competition starts on the 28th May which i'm afraid might affect my studies. Since this year i will be taking my 2 H1 subjects.

South West Singing Competition: 24th March is the Final
Campus Superstar: Starts on the 28th May end around late July or early August (i guess).

Lastly wish me all the best in my competition and also my studies... HAHA.... ^_^


Blogger kienjean said...


Good to know that you join it bravely, I support my aunt no matter what. You can make it!


9:42 PM  
Blogger Mei Jun said...

Thanks For your support. If i got into top 20 will inform u. HAHA...

I will be joining the Campus superstar instead cos something crop up... I will expain in my next blog.

Think of it, make me so angry...

12:21 AM  

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