Monday, September 11, 2006

Should I Be Happy ??

For the past few days this qns has been circling round my head... I'm not sure if i should be happy or sad for my brother....

I have to tell all my blog mates that my brother has not been home for a few weeks. I'm not sure where he have gone to. My parents had been quite unhappy this few weeks. Without my brother, the house is even quieter.

There is this tioman trip to malaysia with all my relatives. I'm not very sure if i should be happy if he is not going or happy if he is going... As my dad had placed a place for him to go. If until the week b4 we are setting off and he's not home, we shall call our relatives if anyone would like to go. If all my relatives, doesnt want, i will have to ask my bf to go. But our relationship cannot be revealed as we are still students.

If my brother happens to come home, i know he sure wun be happy if he go with us. I've seen this scenario during the Cameron Trip (during CNY).

Should he go ?? Should he come back ??

Hopefully i will get the answer soon. As i will be going to his civil defence camp this saturday as he have to turn up for his IPPT. I just hope that my bf will have a way to talk to him. As i really have no idea how to communicate with him. Perhaps guys and guys talk they can communicate much more better....

In this blog i thank my bf for all his support all these days without him i think i wun be that stress-free... I love you my dear...


Anonymous rox said...

Aiyo, wat happen to ur bro and parents? cold war arh? U dun b too stress la, muz take care wor. Ur bro so big le will take care of himself de

11:40 PM  
Blogger kienjean said...

I do not have the right to interfere, so sorry to hear that.

4:28 PM  

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