Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sentosa Outing made me realise something.

Yesterday i just went out with my badminton friends off to sentosa.

The day didnt start out well for me. Cos i end up waiting abt 30 min for my fren who is late. And then we end up late meeting the rest of the ppl. Breakfast and lunch was macdonald breakfast. We ate before setting of to sentosa.

We reach sentosa at around 12pm. And then we took the bus to siloso beach, Sunset Bay... Each of us paid $5.50 for playing beach volleyball and kayaking. It was definately fun.

Some of the girls are being carried down into the sea. Luckily i'm not one of them. Heez.

Then kayaking. 5 girls were paired up with 5 guys and the rest were single. A few of us capsize including me. They did it on purpose. So i was drench throughout. I'm quite lucky as compared to the rest of them i capsize near the shore but then bad luck for the coach cos his handphone was with him when we capsize.

After coming up ashore, i was scratching my head. Then i just realised then i'm allergy to the sea water... Cos in the past, i was scratching my head after i came ashore. So i guess i'm allergy to the sea. I also not sure is it becos it's dirty or wat. But my allergy was a minor one cos after awhile will be gone.

Since yesterday the sun was so BIG. Thus i was tanned until quite dark. But then my face wasnt that tanned also not sure why.

We stayed there until about 9+pm then we left for our dinner outside sentosa. It was sure a nice late dinner. The coach even treat us a plate of Wu Xiang. Yum Yum. I love it. I hope next time i can eat again. LOLz...

I reached home around 11pm and also walk home by myself.


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