Thursday, May 25, 2006

MOST Wonderful Birthday ever....

My birthday in the past was very plain and bored. And sometimes i'm very bad luck on my birthday...

This year's birthday was exceptionally different... Although i have only 1 present but i'm already very pleased... Cos friends that i know for long but had not been in contact with them for long also sent their wishes to me... I'm very very happy. No present but just simple wishes... And also no trouble of finding a place to put my presents...

On the day b4 my birthday, my beloved nephew gave me a surprise call... I'm very surprised and happy... Just this simple call will brighten up me... Cos tis is no ordinary call but a distant call and it truly shows his sincerity and caring. No one had ever gave me a surprise call and give me birthday wishes b4 my birthday. Despite of his coming examination, he still calls me and msg me. I'm truly very touched by his action. How i wish i will have a boyfriend like that in the future.

On the day of my birthday, everything goes so smooth for me. Firstly in the morning, i did not have to wait for my friends or bus or even the MRT. The timing is just so nice and i also get to sit a new air-conditioned bus. Then when i climb up the stairs to my class, my friends who were in the class shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me... I very shocked, i barely know them too long so i didnt expect that to happen.

One sad thing is that i ran 2.4km during PE. But then i ran in 14min and 12 secs. I got a A for the NAFA although it's just a pre-NAFA but the teacher say if on the actual day of NAFA we are sick, we can take the result of this... I very happy, although it's tiring but then i also train my stamina.

Then the last lesson of the day, my class sang me a birthday song. So sweet of them. Although not all ppl sing, esp those sitting near me. But i'm already happy enuff...

At night, my family and i went out for dinner. It was a nice dinner for me. I just simply love the food in the resturant Crystal Jade. It's yummy !!! My dad also bought me a birthday cake, and that birthday cake is what i like the most. It's chocolate cake but no ordinary as the shop is the shop that specialise in chocolate cakes... Yummy... But it's expensive. So i dun get to eat it everytime.

Basically my day ended very nice and wonderful.

Specially thanks to : Kien Jean, Kelvin, Roy, Roxanne, Hazel, Zi Loong, and all my classmate.

Thanks for all the wishes from all my friends and relative.


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