Sunday, April 09, 2006

So much of emotions for the week.

Today, i've just came back from malaysia for a one day trip. That trip, i wasnt very happy at all. My hearts is so heavy upon boarding up the bus to and fro malaysia.

NO ONE TO RELEASE MY TENSION WITH. Even my best relative kien jean.

Time has not wait for me. It just passes by very quickly each day leaving alot of unhappiness in my life for the past few weeks. I'm so unhappy each day when i go school, no motivation at all. I feel like giving up my studies and go to work now. However in Singapore without a Uni cert, it's really hard to apply for jobs.

I will just have to continue to study and continue to stay cheerful no matter how unhappy i am each day. I have been trying hard to do so, but everyday in school there will be someone to make me so unhappy. FRIENDS. Friends that i've known for 3 weeks. Just this 3 weeks i dunno how much unhappiness i had just to bear all those remarks they've said. I just dun wan to have an arguement with them and then become enemy. I just dun like having enemy.

Tomorrow it will be a brand new day for me, i will just behave the way i like and the way i want. No one will bothers me anymore. I just wanna me myself without no one hinders.

Something that i've learn from my beloved nephew. That is to do the way u want, no one can obstruct ur way. This is the spirits i'm going to adopt for the rest of my life. Doing something i like and not dislike.

Those few friends, i just have to say good luck to u all...


Blogger kienjean said...

Thanks for recognizing me as your best relative.

10:03 AM  

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