Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cameron Day 1...Part 2

The reason i stayed on is very simple, becos my nephew said he saw a secret recipe shop when they passby to the pasar malam earlier on. So he asked if i wanna go later, of cos i wan to go(just to get away from the noisiness in the house) though i've nv been to the pasar malam(nt interested cos most pasar malam sell the same things) b4. U all must be thinking out of line again rite. 2 person, one guy one girl go out. The truth is we are as pure as relatives. ^_^

That time he went to bath and after that we went up. Then he says if anybody asked, we say we are going for a walk. Haha. We had no choice but to lie cos we know those few young kids will sure wanna follow us if they know where we are going. It was a smooth one, i guess it's heaven who made everything so smooth for us.

Moments later, we've reached there and we took a table for 2. We ordered 2 drinks and a piece cake to share. I didnt want 2 piece of cake becos it's expensive. I guess everyone knows that food/drinks in secret recipe is expensive. We had our chat.

Time passes really fast, cos my bro sms me to asked if i wanna go ktv and then my cousin called kj to asked if we wan to go ktv. So we've decided to pay and leave. The overall cost was RM20+ and of cos he paid for it. He didnt want me to pay, see so gentlemen, whoever can be his wife in future sure will be lucky.

After we've reached near the apartment, kj told me to leave everything to him if anybody asked if we are a couple. The surprising thing is that no one asked, i'm nt sure if they are assuming inside their hearts but nv tell us of wat. Once we've reached the apartment, they asked if we want to go ktv and both our ans is no. I said no is becos i'm having sore throat due to the bus aircon ytd. For his reason is flu. They persuaded us to go, but our ans is still a no. No choice but they go themselves. Then i went to his family room to talk exchange the newspaper that we've collect for the golden globe award news. We also chat about it.

Then later the other 2 nephew(teck en and ah ying's young bro) came and find me to play Big2 with them but without money. So no choice but to agree, that time kj was alrdy brushing his teeth and going to sleep but after wat they request for 4 rounds and they will let him go to sleep. About the 3rd i'm already very tired and was staring at the card blankly. After the 4th round, he go to sleep and so am i. My parents and i went to sleep first bcos we are very tired...




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