Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cameron Day 1 (Lunar Calendar Day 4) part 1

In the middle of the night, my nephew kicked on my pillow and i woke up so suddenly... From there, i couldnt sleep... But after some time i fell asleep again...

Morning when i woke up, we realised that it's 7AM!!! We are going to be late... Cos we have to fold the mattress, put all the things needed into the van, go and fetch my uncle3 and then go to my cousin shop there to collect some wok and food... So many things to do in an hour... And of cos we are late in meeting the rest of my relatives at Tapah... Bcos we went to had our breakfast before going on the journey...

We are late by nearly an hour... It's also bcos of some reason, cos there's van here... A van is slow in becos of the heavy body so no choice we only could drive as fast as we could...

After reaching tapah, i was transferred over to my cousin's bf car bcos my dad said 1 lesser person, the weight of the van will be lighter so travel uphill wun have so much problem... NO CHOICE ! But to listen to my dad and being transferred over to the other car... One happy thing is that my nephew (kienjean) was also being transferred over to my cousin's bf car becos it's squeezy at the back of the car so if he is transferred over at the back seat, it wouldn't be that squeezy... We all had alot of laughter in the car, though most of the time they spoke in dialect(cantonese) but i could understand some...

Finally we've reached our destination, we moved most of the things up into the apartment that is rented we get to choose the room we want and then that will be the room tat we are going to stayed in for 2 nights. We had our lunch which is bread and bak kua or tuna spread.

After that, some of them went up the hills to the temple, some played mahjong and some of us played Big2. I was also inside. Actually didnt want to play but my cousin's bf asked me to take over his place for awhile then later he went to play mahjong. The truth is he wants me play with them. Such a good gentlemen. Heez. It was a good start for me cos i've won RM24 in 3 rounds. Becos there's one round i got straight and i won in the end so i won RM12 that round.

Then after playing we went up the hills to the temple that time the lst group that went just came down and my nephew(kienjean) was in too. So we've asked him to go up with us but he rejected. So we went up to pray and take some photos. After that went we came down, the lst grp had gone to pasar malam.

Soon, dinner was served. It was steamboat. Yummy. We ate the 2nd round actually. That time my nephew(kienjean) was just sitting right beside me and most of the time we went together to get our food. We went alot of times becos we are using a small plastic bowl. In fact he was nice enough to asked me if i need him to help me take my food since he is taking. but then i rejected and went together with him again to take our food. How i wish that we could be that close as a relatives FOREVER!

After dinner, most of them went to take a bath including me. After that most of them went to pasar malam, only left those playing mahjong one plus me and kienjean.

Wanna know what's the reason that i stay back?? Stay tuned for the part 2.


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