Saturday, March 04, 2006

Last Day in malaysia for CNY (lunar calendar day 8)

I woke up at around 9am. I sleep at 2am last night then wake that early... I didnt have enuff sleep. Then we went to have our breakfast and then we went to my uncle3 house to sit for awhile.

In the afternoon, my cousin( ah B) came and ask me to go out but i didnt want bcos aunt4 is coming and of cos my cousin is coming too. So i went to my cousin's(ah leng) photoshop to take our photos that we have taken during our cameron trip. Then later he sent me back to my aunt1 house
After about a few moments, my aunt4 came and then again i go to that photo shop with my cousin. This time we went until night then go back to my aunt1 house to eat dinner and luo sheng.

Soon they've gotta leave and then a few minutes later we are leaving for the bus terminal.

I just cant stand it when it mention about the bus terminal. This is the second time they told us the wrong bus. And we almost board that bus that's going to penang. OMG !! I was so angry with that 2pid seller. How i wish i know malay then i will sure scold her. Then after that bus went to some place to wait for some other bus that is taking some passenger to singapore. That wait was again another hour!!! Wah lau... I was so fed up with this bus service. Plus the bus i took to malaysia was also this company. 2pid company, u can go wind up man! I just hate it, the next time if possible i will go KL to take bus. Idiot!!!


This 2 new blog is post especially for my nephew kien jean. Bcos i know that his hoilday is ending soon and he wun have that much time to go to my blog to see once school's start.


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