Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cameron Day 3 ( Lunar Calendar Day 6)

Every was gathering in the house again for the last breakfast in the apartment. Again breakfast is bread. I'm used to it. I always have bread when i'm schooling. But then this breakfest include some fried food. I cant really remember what is the fried food. Cos i ate only like one or two.

I also went to change out my white t-shirt to the blue t-shirt that i wore on the 1st day night. It's becos, i realised that i did not brought enough t-shirt to wear, so no choice but to wear for just tat few more hours before i reach my aunt1 house.

Then we had early lunch too bcos we have to leave the house by 12am. Lunch was fried bee hoon. Nice and yummy. ^_^

I was in the car about the whole afternoon. Except for some stopping over. I was again in my cousin's bf car then my nephew(jian ren) and niece(Zi ying, M'sia national ping pong backup) beside me. I'm sitting in the middle. We stopped over at the tea valley and had some photos taken there. Then next is the Lata Iskander Waterfall. I like the waterfall alot but sadly the photos is in my hp and i cant upload it on the computer bcos i dun have the data cable.

Then in the car most of the time was chatting and again in dialect. No choice but to continue listening though some of it i dun understand. But actually listening helps me too. I did have some improvement in my dialect. Heez...

Something funny to share. My nephew slept on my shoulder... LOLz... And the problem is he didnt know at all. My GOD! But it was just a very short while. Then i told my cousin that he is very heavy then he quickly turn his head. I wonder did he hear it that did it or wat. It's so funny. I just cant stop laughing when i tink of it.

We've reached home around 6pm, had our bath and our dinner. Then my cousin come and fetch us to go out shopping and also to wait for my nephew ( jian xiang)'s call. Cos we want to meet again at night for supper. And of cos we did. And tat will be last time i will meeting them ( jian xiang ang jian quan) till the next time we meet which is dunno when. Mayb in a few years. I reached back my aunt1 house at 1am. Then went to sleep.

Last Day at the apartment there

Tea Valley



Blogger kienjean said...

Thanks for dedicating both blogs to me, my aunt...

erm... i really dont know that i hv slept on ur shoulder, just hope that no one knows...Perhaps is too tired?

Thanks again for everything, take care!

12:45 AM  

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