Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cameron Day 2 (Lunar Calander Day 5)

In the morning about 8am. Most of us are awake and were having our breakfast which is bread with either peanut or butter. Then after that the whole bunch of us went up the hill to go to the temple. After that we walk to the cactus valley.

Cactus Valley, i've been there a few years ago. It's a nice place with lotsa of different cactus, flowers, fruits and etc. I like it alot. We all walked in a small and separate groups.

About near to noon, my cousin called and asked us to go back to eat our lunch. Our lunch is Bak Kut Teh. Very nice and yummy. Again me and my nephew sit side by side. Haha. Everytime so qiao, i think all arrange by heaven... Heez.

Stayed in house for a very long time due to the rain. So i was playing Big2 almost the whole afternoon. Then bcos we dun have enuff chairs so some of us have to stand. Then my nephew kien jean stand very long. Haha. Then got once, his dad played the card for him, so he was standing. Then he ask me if i can share chair with him... I'm quite surprise when he asked that, daring rite... Cos first time i share a seat with a guy... Haha. But we are close relatives ma, so i dun mind at all. Then after that my cousin asked him to go buy some chilli and stuff... He didnt go bcos he dunno where the shop is.

About 4pm then we start to drive the cars furthur up the mountain to visit some farms. Actually my nephew kine jean was sitting in my cousin's car but then later i asked him to come over cos in our van we only gt 2 person behind and then in their car gt 4 ppl at the back. And of cos he agree and came over. He was sitting in the middle. It was quite a long journey due to the traffic jams. Cos only one lane road so no choice. I was actually half aslp and half awake. Also not sure, it makes me feels so tired. Soon we've reach the farms. Too many farms to mention so about tiz part i will skip...

Then after that we went back to eat our dinner... After that we youngster discuss to go out in small groups so that those small kids wun follow us. All of us got out safely. We went to KTV to sing for hours. It was sure a fun one. I hope for more in future.

After everything end, some of them went to pasar malam while the rest of us went back to the apartment to get our baths. Then after that, again jian xiang ask us if we wan to go out. So we went out. This time only the 3 of us bcos the 3 of us 4get about the rest so no choice. Jian xiang, treat me and my cousin eat french fries, drinks and then he eat western food. We went back to the apartment about 1am. My parents was aslp so i slowly go up the double decker bed to sleep.
Photos: Temple
Cactus Valley



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