Friday, February 24, 2006

Robbery in my cousin's house!!

Pls read this blog esp those staying in double-decker.

I'm so sorry for my cousin. I just cant believe that they got away with it.

I just dont get it, why those thieves wanna aim my cousin's house why not the other people's house. But luckily no one was injury.

My cousin is so nice to us whenever we visit them cos they always treat us to eat, invite us to their house to eat and then go fishing with my dad. Asked us to go on trips with them in these few years. I still rmb when i was young, both my cousin and her husband had been treating extreme well to us. And i'm very grateful to that. Since young i always play with her daughter whenever we visit them. They had been a nice family but i just dont get it why heaven must play such a trick on them.

Now my current hope is that the thieves will be caught as soon as possible. This kind of thieves must be caught so that there wouldnt be another case of it.


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