Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First Few Days Of Studying

The first 3 days of studying in MI is quite alright... Cos what they have for most of the lesson is a brief touch on wat we are going to learn. I also had homework to do, but not alot.

I also get to know tat i might be having one more cert cos in MI, accounting students might get to have the LCCI cert which wat most of the companies is looking for in the newspaper. It's kinda of good to be in this school. Yup... I hope my result will come out well with my consistence work...

So sad today, cos i just had a light twist on my ankle. I guess it will be alright in a few days time.

I guess i will have to go off soon cos tml i still have to wake up at 6am. So tiring cos almost everyday schools end at 5 plus. This is my life. So simple and yet tough.


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