Sunday, March 12, 2006

March Holidays

This year march holidays, it wasnt a happy one for me, bcos after that i've gotta go school to study. New school, new environment, new teachers, new friends and new subject combinations. So many things new things. I just hope that my choice of staying in this school is not a wrong one.

Anyway, i'm having one more benefit as compared to the usual 'A' levels student in singapore. It's becos, our school has offered a diploma for us. We can choose to take or not. It's of course better to take as we have one more path to University. Of course, the university is not those university that is from local. It's from Australia and we could choose between, James Cook University or Macquarie University. If i take it up, it will sure be a benefit to me. As if my 'A' level did not score well(touchwood) i would still be able to go overseas university with this diploma. Now, my heart is still struggling whether if i should take up. Cos taking up will be one more burden. It's so tough to make a decision. I still have one more week to decide if i should take i just hope an answer will come to be naturally.

I guess it's almost time that i end this blog. So few things to share this few days due to new school environment and etc. Haiz... :(


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