Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Am i Happy??

YES!!! I'm so so happy for the week cos no one has been bothering me... Haha... My that fren is still the same, but she doesnt pick on me tat much now... Or mayb is becos i ignore her most of the time.

I'm just so happy this week. Cos quite alot of great things is going to happen... Firstly i'm going back to my secondary school for the SPEECH DAY... Meaning i will get to see all my ex-schoolmate. Then after that i'm going for the performance Burn The Floor at the Singapore convention hall at suntec.

Also this coming thursday i'm going out with my friends to watch movies... As for which movie we are going to watch, i'm not sure... Yup....

Then tml i'm going to YJC(yishun junior college) it also means that i have no CCA tml... Yeah....

So many great things is gonna happen this week i just hope everything will goes well for me... ^_^


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