Friday, April 28, 2006

Sick !!! And all outings cancelled... : (

I'm sick today and i didnt go school today. I had diarrhea and vomit. I think it's food poisoning. I'm just so weak that i cant really even get to changed and my dad came calling and insisting that i must go to school after eating one bottle of chinese medicine. I'm just not sure if the medicine will really help me anot. But somehow i just dun really trust the medicine even i had it before. I did ate it but it didnt help me at all. Instead i vomit out all the medicine. $7 gone...

Imagine. $7 medicine also cant help me. And my dad insist that i must go school. If i really go school, for sure i will come back home before the lesson even start.

So i went to see a doctor at about 9am. After awaken by someone's sms. Quite luckily if not i dunno when i will go to see doc. Cos i was just so tired after walking to and fro for so many time that i lie on bed and fell aslp eventually. I got myself an MC and 3 packet of pills to stop my diarrhea and vomit.

I'm just so lucky today cos today is an extreme light day in school. I had 1 period of Accts, 2 period PE(phyiscal excerise) and 2 period GP(general paper). I didnt miss out any big lecture and only tutorials. So it's kinda of lucky for me.

However, my outing for both today and tomorrow have to be cancelled. So sad rite?? Haiz, No choice is my fate to stay at home. I just hope i will recover faster abit cos i need to do my accts homework given by teacher yesterday. I just hope to be able to complete it before tuesday.

Specially thanks to Roy, Kien Jean, Qiu Lian, My godsis Li Wen and gregory for their wishes...


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