Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Luck To All My Love Ones...

Firstly, i would like to say good luck and take care to my dearest nephew back in Malaysia. Currently he is having his revision before his BIG external ACCA exams which is on the 5th and the 7th of june just a few days(10th of june) before my first diploma module's exam. I hope he will get good grades for his school's exam and also the ACCA examination. I would like to thank him for watever he did and helped me during our few weeks of frequent (almost everyday) contact. I'm really grateful to have a nice and close relative to listens to all my problem, help and guide me along the bumpy roads of my life and i look forward to continue keeping close contact with him. His internet subscription is going to end tml unless he will apply for new contact which i dunno is when. But for the current weeks or months we will have even lesser time to keep in contact due to our academic but i do hope even if we have lesser communication, we'll still be as close as before. He is also going to move to new hostel. I just hope that he can communicate smooth and well with all his new roommates and also try to live with them.

He plays a very impt role in my life. Without him, i dun think i will even look at my future. Accounting... I nv ever expect myself to fell in love for accounting. I just like it so much now that i wish to take it as my lifetime job. I never find the subject bored instead i find it very challenging and interesting as each and everytime you do, it will be different, it triggers you to think. It's good... I love it... I just didnt expect me to fell in love with accts if i nv met him. I nv really go and explore the worlds of my future until i met him. He made me know that there is this subject "accounts". If I never met him, i might not even know more about this subject. He also made me become much more mature in thinking. No matter how much of thanks i've said is not enough. I think he is a part of my life now.

This is wat a TRUE RELATIVE SHOULD DO!! Helping and giving support for each other.

Next, is my sister. She is going to germany to work for 3 months and i predict that i wouldnt be able to contact her more due to my diploma and examinations. I guess she will be quite busy there too. Although busy but at the same time, she will be lonely cos her fiancee wouldnt be there to accompany her. I would wish to fly to germany to accompany her during my last 2 weeks of june holidays, but i just couldnt run away from this academic area. As after my june holidays i would have my very first mid-year exams in the school. I wan to have a good start and a good end in this institute. I dun wan to waste my 3 years becos of some other reason. No matter how much i dislike the people in the school i just cant run away from it. I have to accept the fact that they are like that. In fact some people in my class do think the same way as i do. Thus i dun think mind so much. Just let them be the way they want, i believe they will realise their fault one day.

My sister she is kind in nature. We both are very bonded in our sisterly relationship. I do miss her alot at times. I'm always lonely in my room and in my house. How i hope i can go back to my past and share the same room with her. She shares alot of things with me. She is very concern about me and my life. Whenever she goes overseas, she will buy alot of things for me. During my one month USA trip, she fork every single cent for the things i've bought. I'm truely grateful to heaven for giving me such a wonderful sister. I hope to see her soon enough and I want to bring her back to malaysia next year to celebrate Chinese New Year with the rest of my relatives. I wan her to feel the happiness and joyous atmosphere after having 3 yrs of quiet CNY in USA. The joyous in Singapore is nothing as compared to Malaysia where we had all our relatives cramming in a house that is full of live, regardless of age gap. I do believe she will enjoy more in malaysia as compared to singapore.

The blog is totally and fully dedicated to my 2 most closest family. I wish them good health and good luck in their future....


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