Friday, June 16, 2006

~ Day 3 In Muar ~

Knowing that it will be the last day in muar, my feelings sank. Nothing seems to be going right for me. Since morning, i've been kicked by my brother alot of times. No one knows and i bet no one wish to heard that too. No peaceful sleep for 2 days of my holidays. I just feel like it's not right to be there in the first place no matter what.

Morning, we woke up late that day. It was 12pm when we were all awake and waiting to get bathed. We manage to get our lunch at 1pm and then we went back to the store.

At around 3pm we were brought out to go out and eat red bean ice but sadly the store wasnt open. So we went back. Then we went back to the house again to watch movies and my brother went out again to go shopping. I didnt wan to go cos i dun feel like going anywhere and also becos of one reason. The reason is that it's been a long time since i've watched a movie with someone at home. Watching a movie alone and with someone is very different. I choose to watch a movie with someone that to go out to shop. Cos i dun like to shop too much even if i have the money.

This time we only manage to watch half of princess diaries and have our dinner at 5pm. Then we had pineapples after dinner. Also we had a small photo session before going back to the house again to get ready for leaving. Before going off, we watched phantom of the opera. A movie that both kj and me liked alot. We sang along as the movie goes by.

Soon it's 7.20 and it's time to get ready and then leave the house. We left the store at around 7.45pm. And reached there within 5 mins. His elder bro drove us there, but left after awhile, cos he still nids to go back and help his dad as there's quite alot of dishes to be cooked. Only left kj there. As he nids to buy tickets to KL for thursday due to some personal reason of his. Before the bus driver came up, he was in the bus talking to us. So after he left, her quickly went to bought his ticket and went to the other side of the bridge and wave good bye to us. This time, i cried again. I'm just so sad leaving the place.


Basically, my trip is a half successful and half un-successful. I just dunno why i'm beginning to like malaysia more and more. And few days ago, i've found a friend who is also as crazy as me about malaysia. We even plan to backpack go malaysia one day. Isnt that crazy... Heez. But before going, i want to learn malay first. If not i will sure die there.


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