Wednesday, June 14, 2006

~ Day 1 to Muar ~

That day i didnt really sleep alot. Cos i cant sleep. I'm just so excited that i'm going Muar to have fun.

I and my brother woke up at around 7am and prepared out stuff before leaving. We left the house at 8.45am and manage to catch our 10am bus. The bus left on time.

We reach Muar at around 2pm. It was sure very nice to see my beloved nephew (kien jean) and his brother. After reaching, i called them and they drive their car and fetch me up. I was about a 10mins wait before they arrived. They help us to carry our stuff and then we went to a nearby temple to pray.

After that, we went back to their store. And wait there for their parents to leave their house first before going up to put our stuff. After that, we came down to sit and chit-chat with them. At around 6pm i and my brother left their store to go around walk walk around. Until about 10pm then we came back and wait for them to close shop. It was sure a nice walk. Although i only bought one shirt. I and my brother went back to their house earlier to get bathed first, so that later they dun nid to queue for bathroom.

After everyone got bathed, we went out to eat supper. Nice and yummy noodles. After supper we went to cyber cafe cos kj's elder bro wan to check out something online. We stayed there about 1hr plus before we left and go home to sleep...


It sure a nice day for me even though i dun get to be with them for long.


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