Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More updates...

Thanks for all the concerns that comes from my friends and relative no matter is thru the net or phone….

My brother is once again back home with the persuasion done by my boyfriend Allex.

This happen about a week ago. On the 14th of September… We went to the Civil Defence Camp to find him as he went for his last IPPT session… My bf manage to get a talk to him with the company of me…. He talk to him regarding all the problems that he have created for the family for not being home… They seems to get along quite well and I’ve seen a number of time that he talk to my bf about the problems he faces and also comments about getting a new job…

This is good for my brother… At least now he can have one person to talk to openly. I just hope that this can last as long as possible. Even after my marriage with him(hopefully will happen).

Another good news is that my bf is GOING TIOMAN with my family!!! This is the first time that he will be going to the islands in Malaysia with me… However I do not wish to expose our relationship so fast. Maybe after a few years… So whoever who read this blog and is my relative remember to tighten up your mouth on that day… If not I shall kill whoever who says.

My exams will start this friday and that is the reason why i didnt blog this few weeks. Hopefully after my exams i can blog out my feeling about the papers and also my tioman trip and photos...
Hee... ^_^


Blogger kienjean said...

Your father have informed our aunts about this already, so be prepared that they have known ok?

2:30 AM  
Anonymous cloud said...

Exam coming le, muz jia you arh. Mayb see aft exam got time to come out anot. Hehe, or u hav to spent time wif ur BF, haha, juz joking la. Gd to hear tat everything is going smoothly for u.

5:46 PM  

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