Sunday, March 25, 2007

A love or a lie ??

Everybody knows that when u love a particular person u will tend to hide some things so that the other party will not be worried... I do believe this at first but now is it really true i'm not sure...

Does love

= doing something secretive ?
= avoid ?
= checking phones before the other party see the things in the phone ?
= always wanting to go home ?
= answering calls in a sweet tone that one never seem in before ?
= giving excuse ?
= comparing one with others ?
= giving a ride to one who used to had a crush on one ?
= a lie ?
= changing password ?
= stopping someone from viewing other's blog ?
= msging someone secretive if one want to view that person's blog ?
= close msn straight away when someone call him/her "dada" ?
= stop going on msn when one is around ?
= lying to one that the person calling him/her "dada" is becos of a game that the nick is created ?
= calling one's mum when one ask him/her to stay ?

All these may seem familar to some of you. There maybe some more factors, i hope some ppl will contribute more ideas towards this tread. It seems to me that the person is hiding more than one thing. This thing may be BIG or small... BIG as in a 2 timer gf or bf, small as in it's just the person's wrong perception of the person. LOLz...

Anyway this is just done for sake of someone. Pls do help out as much as possible. I'm not joking, i think this is kinda serious.


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