Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sulawesi Trip Day 1

Finally is the BIG DAY where i can go overseas alone without parents and siblings. This is the first time ever i'm going to Indonesia and also the first time i'm going with school...

Around 7.30am we all gathered at the airport. The teachers gave us our passport, air ticket, tags for our lugguage, tags(wear on the neck one) for recognising purpose and booklets for us to record down some of the studies there.

After which we went ahead to check in our luggauge. When everyone is done with checking in their lugguage, the teachers gave us about 20-30minutes for us to go eat, say goodbye to parents and etc. My bf, edgar, rani and me we went to macdonald to eat our breakfast. Yummy!!!

Around 8.25am we gather at the check in point, waving to our parents for the last time. We proceed to gate E6 to board the flight to Manado...

The flight was delayed until about 10++am due to some technical error. But we still manage to get to manado on time.

When we went out from the flight, most of us were exhausted, but we are happy.

Once we are out of the Arrival Hall, we are warmly welcome by 6 tour guides, 2 policemen and the boss of the resort we are going to stay in. These people followed us throughout the whole journey.

After we get on the bus, one of the tour guide alex introduce to us the City of Manado. I took a few snapshot of the City while the bus is moving.

We arrived at Mawai Sharon Restaurant to have our lunch. The kampong chicken with rice was yummy... Although it's cold but it still taste very nice. I love it...

After lunch we proceed to Volcano Centre for our study on volcano. We saw the real seismograph in front of us. Most of us were quite excited about it. First time in life we see seismograph. This thing measures earthquake. It's not like in our everyday life we get to see it.

Dinner we ate at this restaurant which is situated about 10 minutes away from our resort. Our dinner was buffet style type. The food was quite nice but i still preferred the lunch we had. The scenary around the restaurant was totally wonderful. We actually get to see the city Manado.

After dinner, we had a very bumpy ride just to get to our resort . The tour guide said that it's the way to heaven. I really agree what he actually said. The resort was wonderful and it's very beautiful. They even made a banner just to welcome us. So touched !!

Check out the photos at : http://lexmjphoto.blogspot.com/2007/06/day-1-at-sulawesi.html
(More new photos might be updated, check out frequently)
Reflections :

The first day was quite fun and nice. I really enjoyed myself throughout the flight and the whole journey there.

Some Notes: Manado is the city thus the place they called it manado. North sulawesi(the place we visit) is made up of various different mini state. The resort i'm staying in is located at tomohon. Also most of the places we are visiting is in tomohon.


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