Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Disappointed Wedding Dinner...

Sunday was the wedding for my eldest cousin. It was a disappointment in my point of view. From my point of view, the bride seems quite unhappy during the day of her wedding.

In the morning, the bride and my cousin went to esplanade to take wedding photo.

At around 12 noon they came back for the tea ceremony. It was a simple one as the bride's relatives is not around. After the tea ceremony, we had buffet. The bride took some food and went into the room to eat. From this moment i notice that the bride didnt really look so happy.

Around at 9pm the wedding dinner started. My first impression was like, WTH invite to a so cheapo restuarant. They are rich but they are just reluctance to spend money on the wedding dinner. As the rest of his siblings are all married off, they should have the money to spare for their last son.

Next, the table where the bride and groom sit should invite elderly to sit other than their parents. It's been a tradition. As long as the table it's not fully filled up, the brothers of the groom's father should be sitting on the table.

This tradition is also noticed during my uncle2 last daughter's wedding. Although my uncle2 is no longer around and her two siblings that were married off were around, they didnt sit on that table. Instead, her mother did invite my parents and my uncle3 to that table.

Also, last time, because of the wearing of the veil for my uncle2's daughter wedding there had been some unhappiness. This small little matter became big because of my uncle 1 's wife. Since she wants to be so tradition, then why didnt she did it the same way for her son's wedding.


Back on the topic, that table was fully occupied by my cousins(his siblings and their wife/husband) and my uncle1 and wife. This is so not tradition.

Next, two wedding in the same restaurant. They were neither related in any way. I was like so angry and frustrated that time. It's so cheapo. Lastly, the bride and groom was made to take taxi home after the dinner. This is the part where i cant stand it!!

They really throw the Lim's family face.

As the last cousin for my generation, i shall say that in future my wedding will try to obey the traditions and will my wedding a much more better and grander one if i could afford it.


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