Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~ Some Happy news to share ~

About a month ago i've just taken t4 computeried Exam. I've score 60 marks for it. That's consider a pass. Now i've just left with 3 month CAT paper and i will be able to join ACCA.

Yesterday i've just taken the next year's ACCA class Schedule. I've chosen the class based on comments given by my T5 teacher, Andy Tan. He's really a perfect teacher. Especially for us new ACCA students, we are not very sure which teacher is good. He gave us a very useful tips.

Recently i've just met up with my ex-schoolmate and andy tan for a meal. The first time we when to Sakae Sushi to have our meal. Andy even bought us chocolate ROYCE while we were walking around after our lunch. I've enjoyed my days to the max that day.

The next time i've met them was 2 weeks ago, where we had Billy Bombers at Jurong Point Shopping Center. We went to eat billy bombers partly is due the expiring vouchers that andy own. Per table it was given 15% discount. Which is considered quite alot. Anyway i had a great meal there.

Last sunday i had 2 lessons of T10. One in the morning while the other in the afternoon. Coincidentally, andy also had 2 classes. Thus we meet up to have our lunch. This time round i've tried a new stall in the coffeeshop beside my school.

All 3 time that i've meet up with him, the meal was on his bill. Hopefully the next time i will get to pay for his bill instead.

Next happy news, is that my bf had got a part time job in Pasta Mania. First time interview and he passed. He's now the assistant chef in LOT 1 ( Choa Chu Kang ). I believe he will cook up alot of good food there. I'm eagerly waiting to try his cooking.

One more Happy and exciting news. My Pudding Hamster had given birth to 5 babies on 17th Oct, 2am. I was on mty way to the bath room that night. Upon coming back i realised there is bean looking like thingy in the cage. I was curious thus i on the light to find that she had given birth to 5 cute little hammy. I was so happy that i couldnt sleep that night. As it's the first time in my house there's a hamster that give birth after trying it for so many attempts. However, 2 of them died. Reasons unsure. It's either the babies had disease so the mother had to kill them or the mother can't afford to raise them.

Below is the link to my photo album that shows some of the cute pictures of my hamster:

One last news, I'm going to Malaysia to celebrate christmas and New Year there.

Can't wait to see all my relatives.


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