Friday, January 30, 2009

Give up on this blog ??

Wanted to give up on this blog. For the past one year i have been very lazy to update and maintain this blog...

A friend of mine gave me some inspiration today...

I'm not going to end it, but i'm just going to update it as and when i feel like...

This Chinese New Year is a very greyish new year for me... Sick for around a week and still not recovering... Not too sure if it's becos i'm like to eat too much or what?

Haha. Eat too much of nice snacks that i could only get to eat it during Chinese New Year.

Especially the cookies my old neighbour bake for us... For 12 years, they never failed to pass these delicious cookies to us... Ate almost half a bottle within like a week...

Some updates. Still together with my bf. But he is in NS(national Service) a compulsory for all singaporean males. Missing him everyday when he is inside. Eagerly waiting for weekend to come so that i could see him.

Daddy is more optimistic now... Recently didnt flare up for no reason. Also he is accepting my bf now. I believe without him around the house seems much more quieter. He will even ask me how is he is army and etc. Dad changed alot, or maybe he didnt just tat he didnt show out much concern last time.

BF posted to a company called Ninja... Not an easy company for him.. Anyone in the army before should know how the COS (some high ranking guy) bully them. Other company is enjoying life but not for my baby. He suffer but i believe what he gain from it is also quite alot. Also he skin down quite alot... I think nearly to 2 size for his pants. Last time bought him the pants all like so loose on him now. But of course he much more macho and manly now... Haha...

Missing him terribly now. Hoping to see him and give him a very big hug.

My brother still as usual. Parent ask him to find a job he say after new year.. Given the economy now, i dun even think he will be able to get a job in the near few months. Hope he will know how to think like a mature adult soon enough.

Mummy broke the phone i gave it to her... As she accidentally drop on the floor and the screen got some lines and is blur... She wan a new phone... Hope i can find her a new camera phone that is nice enough for her to use it.

Sister getting married this september will be a trip to germany for 3 weeks. I believe will go france/italy/switzerland/england. Still thinking which place to go... Daddy said wan to go 2 place but i worry not enough time. So i will see how and discuss with my sis.


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