Monday, March 14, 2011


I guess this will be last month i will be doing a tutoring with Brenda Fong.

Yes, you. If you are looking at it now. I'm really piss off by her attitude alright. Dun wish to learn then perhaps you should just go find other tutor. After i say her in the class not happy, back stab.

You better think through why i choose not to tutor you. If you really think it's the money i'm after then go off my class immediately. I will not welcome you in future even if you wan tuition again unless you change your fucking attitude.

Damn piss off now alright. You better be careful of what you say or you are going to say. You dunno who is really looking at it alright. Perhaps, it's your friends whom you think you trusted most betraying you because of your fucking attitude.

For sure i will be telling you this. Get out of my sight after this month. Perhaps i should say next lesson i will be asking yvette out of the class and say things which you think it's nasty. I can return you the amount you already paid less any amount for the lesson you have spend here.

I will do that, if you choose not to cooperate. Neither do i need a student who dun even wish to learn/study. Only know how to blame others but not herself when she is in fault !!


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