Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I need base and top coating for nails. (thanks Joyce & Leon for getting this for me as part of my birthday present. ^^ )

Any one of the designs. In fact i like all of them. Except for the purple dress. I think it will look too dark on me.
  • COD42-01: Haley - Elegant & Sexy, Off-Shoulder, Pleated Dress with Butterfly Bow tie design (Dark Green or Black)
  • COD42-02: Jordyn - Elegant & Classy, Deep-V neck, Sleeveless. Ballroom-style Dress (White)
  • COD42-04: Danika - TRF-Inspired, Elegant & Sexy, Short Sleeve Party Dress (Orange or White)
  • COD42-03: Fatima - Zara-Inspired, Elegant & Sexy, Wide-U neck Dress (White or Black)
  • COD42-05: Patricia - Dorothy Perkins-Inspired, Elegant & Classy, 1/2 Sleeve, Classic Dress (Black or White)
  • COD38-02: Sierra- Elegant & Sweet, Cross-Back Party Dress (Coffee Brown)
  • COB36-01: NATASHA- Elegant & Sexy, One-side Off Shoulder, Princess-Style (Pink or White)
The ones i'm preferred will be shown first follow by the subsequent colours. Also the sequence are according to the ones i like best to least. In fact i really like all of them.

Most important wish
For my special one to be with me on my birthday. I just need the whole day with you and i will be happy.

Just update me the stuff u might wanna get me. So i will update it here. Then the others wun get me the same gift. ^^


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