Sunday, March 20, 2011

Once a r/s over it means it's over

When someone warns you yet you choose to ignore it is your choice. End up getting hurt it will be you yourself.

Smart people learn from other's mistake.

Not to say this 2 bitch think they are so great. When dun even act as if like a matured. I only can say you have sister like this is a failure. Who dun even know how to protect your sister from harm first.

I guess they dunno why true love is about. Just think got people care for them can already. Not to say i wasn't the one who initial this breakup. He is the one.

Smart people will learn how to look at things two ways not one. Learning from others help to understand others better. One day you guys will see what i'm wrote is true. Only immature like you all think what ever he said is true when it is not.

All the best bitches. Dun worry i wun live in the past. I will live in the future and make you guys regret what you said or did.


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