Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm finally getting a better life back !!

I went out today with mei ling and nicole... I really had a nice time with them. Perhaps i should not speak of allex too often...

Anyway i met james while waiting for a train at raffles place.

All concluded that. Allex is not ready for another relationship. Not only that he is short-tempered, hot-tempered, has a high pride, super egoist.

But in all is his lost that i'm not around. I spend so much this month but i'm happy. I never really did get to spend this much in a month when i was with him. Because the financial burden i had to carry with him was so heavy. Luckily it's over for me. Good luck Phyllis. HAHA.

Her friends/family just sucks. Dunno anything yet act until like they know so much. One even said sour grapes. I was thinking, sour grapes? I think it's more that i taste the grape and it's so sour yet they like dunno about it... So funny.

Phyllis Lim asked me to go out meet her. I dun think i will ever go out to meet her. Cos i dun see a need for it either. For i know she is a bitch. For sure she gonna suffer alot with mr ang wee allex.

I quite happy or said lucky to have him to end this r/s. Though i had feelings for him. But his mentally is just like a kid. So kid + kid. Perhaps the girl will be matured soon. But for sure it's not gonna last.

He never learn his mistake and i doubt he will learn from it. Since even his friends also cannot try to asked him to change his back habits.

I will jiayou de. I think i will get over this very very soon. I just think the girl and allex is not even suitable for each other. For someone who tell lies alot. It's very hard to gain trust in long term. You guys shall see it.

Need to find something to do or should say something to focus on. So i wun think about it so much. I'm hurted but i will recover soon.


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