Friday, June 03, 2011

A new life....

Just received a call from my sis, about the baby inside her tummy... It's a GIRL !!

Just nice, this little aunt here gonna make her lotsa stuff... Lotsa crocheting for her to play with...

After my exam, i'm gonna start sourcing for the better quality yarns to crochet some cute little stuff for her. I guess i'm also gonna be shopping with my mama for some of her clothings...

That's something i'm sure looking forward to see. My little niece... ^ ^

For now i got to focus on my exams... I believe i can do it this time round... Must study through more theory so that i can pass with both theory and practical...

I just realised that, my brains work better as time passes. Perhaps more focus on the stuff i need to be done on time. Lazybones are still around but it's getting lesser every single day. Perhaps i'm looking forward to graduate in a year or two's time.

Also Thyroid conditions is getting better each time i go to see the Chinese physicians. Though the medicine is a little pricey but it's worth it.

Perhaps, lesser stress also helped out. Without a relationship it definitely feels not as pressurising in some sense. I guess my ex need to work hard soon, i'm not sure how is he doing, but he has alot to learn. Without him, financial burden is also gone.

Though now i have a special friend. But i dun have to worry financially. Perhaps sometimes a little paranoid. But as time passes, our trust between each other strengthen. Always trying to spend more time together. Though we know it's a hard thing. He is always caring for me. But i know he cannot be there for me always. Aleast he is there for me most of the time. I guess this going to be relationship let me learn alot.

Family in future? I dunno if i will be setting up a family with him, but i know for now he is always on my mind. No matter how busy i am. I will think of him before i goes to bed. Let time help us out. A slow and steady start out is always better... Who know's maybe i'm a married woman 4 years down the road.


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