Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's been a long time since i last does something to this website.

I doubt so many people are reading it.

But i know i have to find a way to let out my heartache. I'm crying as i'm typing it in fact.

I met a tour guide when i went to USA in June. I dunno why is he so cruel to me.

2 months of non contact. I dunno what he wants.

He is not a player. If he is he would have sex with me when there is this chance.

I remember he is teasing me during the trip. I remember clearly all the details he did to me. He hardly uses his phone. He remember everytime i told him every details. My heart is aching.

I know i have to let go of this. Since no relationship has started. When i told myself to let go i feeling really very very sad. Knowing he is the one most compatible to you but you have to let go because he have let you go.

I have to be selfish because no one likes any girl who is selfless. All guys like challenge.

I told him i was attached before i asked him if he like me. Cos i sense it. Things had been going quite slow and steady for about a few weeks before he disappear. No more watsapp.

Heartache but what can i do. I can only choose to selfish and go back to my own dream of opening a tuition center.

For him i'm willing to forgo a dream which i had since i was 21. This dream is achievable because i have all the ideas i want. I was so eager to have the company up early this year. But after my USA trip everything starts to go off. I start to have a mindset of having a simple life and want a family. But things didn't happen like how we wanted it to happen always.

Letting go of him and the memories is a pain but i have to do so. I can only wish all the best to him. I like him from the deep of my heart.


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