Friday, June 10, 2011

Exam is over... Feelings and more feelings...

I'm so in trouble.... :(

Exam question wasn't expected to be as easy... So unlucky to get two 7marks questions of theory from something that comes out once in a blue moon... I think the most i can get 2 marks for the defination... The rest, i try to crap it....

My calculation i have confident but still this is only about 50marks in total. I'm not strong in my theory and i've worked hard le... Just hope i will pass. I just need to get 50 marks and i will be happy. I never been this unlucky before. Study all theory, those parts that i focus on, not even a single one of it come out. OMG !!!

Oh well wat's done cannot be undone. Just pray hard for the best. :)

I just need to pass this paper and i will be in Professional Stream le... Just this paper. If i cannot get through i will try it again next semester. Though it's gonna be hard studying it with Professional papers.

Now i'm also concentrating on building up my tuition career. I just hope things will turn out to be good. Just let nature takes it's course.

Relationship wise... I have found my Mr right. I strongly believe he is. The amount of care i have received is really alot. Especially during my exam period. Before and after exam. Being there for me. Though i know he cannot be there for me forever. But i really felt the hardwork he has been trying to put in. Really appreciate it.

I know at times you are busy. I never once blame you or even think it's your fault. You are building a career up now. I just hope i'm there for you when you need me. I know the stress you are facing always. I just wanna let you know. I will standby you. Be with you through the hard times. Bringing you care and concern always.

I know i maybe a little temperate at times. But i'm always trying hard to think positive. Trying to relax myself. Not giving myself too much stress. In fact i'm happy that you are around me. I guess you helped me to lessen stress. This in turn helps for my thyroid conditions.

I never get angry before when i'm with you. Never once. The only thing i have was upset. But that happen like in the past months. This week, was simply my happiest week. Though i have my exam stress. But i didn't felt as stressful as i was in the past.

Things are going smoothly as days passes. I believe i will get to hear the 3 words from you soon. ^ ^


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