Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm sick once again

I fell sick after my genting trip. Must be because didn't have enough rest while i'm there. Was running fever the day before yesterday. Luckily i manage to recover yesterday, otherwise i would have missed out giving tuition to my student yesterday...

I'm in need of money... :(

In need to pay my school fees, acca membership fees, obu... So many things to pay this semester but very short time to earn those money.... I'm in short of around $100... Not alot but i still got a figure out a way to get the $100.

Kinda regret going to genting. Otherwise i would have enough to pay for school stuff... But then i did enjoy myself when i'm in Genting.

Anyway after resting for the past 3 days i decide to start studying for my P2 paper. I will try hard to finish my ACCA by next year... I believe i can do it! I will do it! Not for anyone but for myself!

I'm kinda unsure what i want to do in future now. I feel like going to USA to be a tour guide partly because of Mr Bruce. He gave me the inspiration that i can be a tour guide as well since i like to face with people. Being a tour guide can made me be closer to the nature... I'm the happiest when i'm with the nature. At the same time i also hope to set up my own tuition center in Singapore to help out those student who is weak in their accounting...

2 roads in front of me. I'm thinking which way to go. Feel like going to USA to work as tour guide and gain more experience in terms of handling people and at the same time feel like trying my luck on my relationship with Mr Bruce Chang.

But at the same time should i give up on my dream to open a tuition center in Singapore? Or maybe i come back to Singapore after a few years in USA then open one?

Actually i find that Singapore is a very competitive place to open a business. Which makes me feel like i'm going to throw money into the sea for the first few years because i don't have much experience being a boss.

Tough choice for me in fact. I feel that i need a place where i can be independent from my parents.

I guess i got to have a talk with someone about this. Or perhaps decide after i graduate ba....


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