Sunday, December 09, 2012


Exam is gonna be here in less than 2 days. I'm finally giving myself some stress to work hard for the last 2 day before going into the exam hall... Seems like i'm quite well prepared for this time round exam. I just hope i will be able to pass this exam so i don't need to see the paper again.

Feeling so sleepy at this moment but i still have abit more to study for today before i can finally go to rest.

Went out with a guy friend yesterday. This guy friend is 12 years older than me. Very nice knowing him in fact. Then i recalled him saying that i'm mature not like those girls of my age.

Being matured at such a young age is it a good thing or a bad thing?

It can be a good thing but it's also bad thing. Sometimes i really wish i'm not this way, because i don't have much friend as a result of it. My friends find me, too matured to hang out with them. Some of them cannot take it when i start telling them things that are good for them. I don't nag at them but i just say out what i want to let them know. So as a result i have much lesser friend than most people.

Sometimes i really feel kinda lonely. But it can't be help. I have tried knowing more friends but then it seems like always with the same result. Maybe i shouldn't say that much and just keep quiet. Or maybe i should be a put into their shoe and think in their position then comment though i know it is wrong.

Really wish there a shoulder i can lie on when i'm tired. Wish there is a listening ear there for me. I don't want  him to be always around me because i know he cannot be there always.

This is just a wish i have for my upcoming year. At the same time i also know that i shouldn't go look for love and let love come by itself.

So to make myself busy i actually come up a to do list next year:

  • Get my driving license
  • Try to complete my ACCA by next year June. (gonna have to work extra hard) 
  • Give tuition to 10 student by June. 
  • Learn to play tennis (something i have yet to complete it) 
  • Take up Yoga Classes 
  • Finish learning Piano if i can. Now i'm grade 3
  • Publish my own accounting assessment book 
  • Get a DSLR or EOS M 
  • Travel to Taiwan or Shanghai or Beijing after i graduate !! 
  • Learn the language German (2nd half of 2013) 
Alot of things to do but i will try my very best to do it. I tell myself aleast must complete half of the list. 

There is also i wish i hope i will be able to do it within the next 2-3 years. That is to go and watch Celine Dion's Live concert. 

In fact i have alot of wishes. I'm not sure if i will be able to complete it but i will try my very best to do it. 

I want to watch Live Tornado in action. Very crazy idea but i would like to experience it for this lifetime. I wish to see meteor shower. In fact i really miss the times that i'm able to see the clear starry skies when i was in Austria 3 years back. I also hope i could go to Canada or Alaska to watch the Aurora Borealis in Action. 

Being with the nature is something i like alot since i was young. Hope the day that i'm old i will be around nature. 


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