Monday, November 26, 2012

I miss you

I realised i really miss you Bruce. Though i only know you for 5 days but it seems like we have known each other for a long time. I have decided i will be flying over next year to USA to find you. Perhaps after my exam i would doing it. I can't wait till your birthday which is on September.

Although friends have told me not to do it. But for me i know if i don't do it, i will regret. Alot of times i do things different from others. Actually it's a struggle for me always. Because i always have to face alot of other people's remarks. This time round i will do it for the sake of my own happiness.

I know you have no confidence but i would like to be the one who give you all the confidence you need to, to support you. I know as a guy who lost a father you don't have much confidence in some of the things you do. Especially in a relationship. I know you are perfect guy i need. I know that i can help you to build up your confidence level in a relationship. Because i feel you in me.

I always thought that being able to know you was the happiest things that could ever happen to me. Somehow i feel that our ancestors have been the one bring us together somehow. I have been liking you since i know you till now. I have not get a single message from you since august but my heart still feels for you. Which is a real miracle for me.

In the past if a guy were to stop replying my message for a week i would have already thought that he no longer like me or didn't want to be friends with me anymore. But for now somehow i feel you. I felt your pain. I wish i could be there to share it with you. I wish i had magic to make myself appear in front of you at this very moment. To give you all the care and love you needed.

I know why you like me. Because i gave you care, like no others have given you. A helping hand that is always there during the trip. A care that you have been yearning for.

For me i like you is because, you gave me the security that every woman wanted. Caring for me, always putting in my shoe when do things. This is what i really sees in you. I would love to be with you till the end of life. This time round i will not stop myself from wooing after you. Though it's a little bit weird for girls to do that, but who cares, it's the 21st Century.

Really hoped that you are here looking at my blog at this very moment. But i don't think so you are doing that.

I know how busy you are as tour guide. How tiring your job can be, but i'm willing to be part of your life. I know you will be with me always in future if we can be together. 

Actually i'm really thinking hard to go in June or September. Because i scare if i go in June you will MIA again just like what happen few months back. I hope to go in September is because by October your job would end and you will have alot of time for me to plan my one way trip to USA and not fall back on the promise. 

I need a very long and good thinking on this part. I love you from the bottom of my heart no matter how many weakness you have you are always the prefect one i sees in you. Because we believe in this phrase, no one is perfect in this world. This is enough to make me know that you are the one i'm looking for. 


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