Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year's First Post

It's my very first post for the very new year of 2013...

Just for the past few weeks i have been so busy with my studies... 3 Professional paper to be taken this coming june exam and also i'm taking Oxford Brookes University Degree.

Feeling a little stressed up but i just got to continue to study every day if possible. The only thing i can do is to look positive as much as i can for my studies...

For work wise, i'm lighten my work load by not accepting too many students to tutor.

A support from my friends is all i need. In fact just that 1 special person is the one who can give me the most boost. But he didn't know that.

Actually i'm tired of yearning for his love... Soon this will really wear off. Bit by bit feelings are fainting and getting blur... Feel like giving up but at the same time i can't.

Oh well, what i can do now is just do my best for my studies. I limit myself to think of him, so i wun be so sad.

Happy New Year to all those who follows my blog post. :D


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