Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday To Myself

It's my 24th Birthday... To me this is a very special day as i'm born on 24th May. And all along i like the number 24.

On this special day there is no cake in the house for celebration. Just only a meal at my house nearby shopping mall with my parents. We enjoyed the dinner.

I let a day off from my studies. 2 more weeks to exam. I really hope i will be able to pass all 3 papers in one attempt. To be honest, i don't have much confidence at all. The last 2 paper though i had confident to pass but i only manage to score 50 marks. But now i have 3 papers on hand. Gonna work double hard for the coming 2 weeks.

I heard 3 guys singing on a guitar at my void deck. Though i can't make out the songs which they are trying to sing. But i'm gladful. We don't always see this happening everyday in our life.

It's a simple day i had. A day of relaxation. No boyfriend and major celebration with friends.

I hear my niece in germany saying happy birthday in chinese through the phone just now. This is the first time i heard her saying happy birthday in Chinese. She is 20+ months old as of now.

I hope for the coming years to come, my family health would be in good conditions. My only wish is to graduate this year hopefully.

A simple girl with a simple wish.


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