Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally the most busiest period of the year is over!

I had been feeling so tired for the last 1 and half months. So tired and always lack of sleep.

Finally i manage to get all my beauty sleep back! I'm also back to my revision for my ACCA papers. Though revision is very slow but still i did made some progress. I'm very behind time for doing of my P6 (taxation) notes. Still have aleast 100 pages to summarise. But for my P3 i'm still on track. P5 i still having alot of question on how to go about doing it.

For my OBU, i haven't really start doing up part 1 of my RAP. Gosh! I'm way overdue from the timetable which i've set for completion. I guess i must really get my butts glued to the chair and start doing it. Actually i have alot of queries about how to do it. I read up as much as i can but seems like i still dun have too much a clue on how to do it. Part 1 requires 1000 words and i'm not even halfway through it. I'm still thinking what i can put into it.

tWell for Part 2 i have an idea on how to go about doing it. In fact i even suspect i might exceed the word limit of 1,500 words. Oh well, I'll just have to see how to go about doing it.

This year is a busy year for me. I just pray hard that i will get through it in 1 piece.

Good news is that i'm left with 3 papers before i can graduate from ACCA. And i'm gonna make sure i clear this 3 papers in one go. Good luck to me.

My sis just went back to Germany on the 11th of Feb. After she is back i'm feel much more better and not as stressed up now. When she is around i always have alot to do somehow. In fact for the past 2 weeks that she was here i didn't do much revision. In fact i should say hardly any revision.

I think really need someone to push me to studies at times. But no one is there to push me except myself.

For the past 1 and half months i had been telling myself. Bruce no long like me any more and he will never ever come by Singapore to give a surprise. So this is what i told myself so that i wouldn't think so much.

Giving up is something i'm trying very hard to do even of till now. I still think of him but i try my best not to think of him if possible. At times i was even thinking, does he rest well, rest enough. How is he at the moment. When i start to think of those, i told myself not to because he doesn't even bother with my life is at the moment so why should i bother about his.

I should not have too much hope on him that's what i should do. I believe i can do it.

Hopefully the next time i blog i will be over him.

Tiring but i live it in a fulfilling way. Esp the time spend with my cute niece for 2 weeks.

Hope one day i will get to have my child smiling and having fun with me.


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