Monday, December 29, 2003

hiee... Such a long time nv update the blog... I really hate the life being so busi!! My time has been all drawn out to give the performance for the next year sec 1 orientation and all my homework. How i hope time could reverse and i did not agree to perform for the next year sec 1 orientation. But it's too late to regret now... The most impotant thing now is to make sure the performance go well so that more people would join my cca..

I know alot of u are veri unhappy that i veri long nv update my blog.. So Sorri to all the people who support my blog. i'll try to cum online more often after the performance...Juz hope that next year i would have more time to cum online...

Anyway new year is around the corner.. An early greetings : HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of u out there.. Hope u have a peaceful year !! ^_^


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