Thursday, February 05, 2004

yo ho friendz,
i think got about more than one month nv update my bogger le... since sch re-open got so mani thingz to do, got to prepare for the CNY preformance and everyday stay until around 5+pm then can leave from school. so tired lor, then go home have to rush for all my homeworks... After CNY is gone, all my test started to came in and making me having more extra lesson to stay back after school... then cum back still have to rush for homework and research for my physic which will be added to my CA1, so canot dun do or do a veri bad one.

Last month i also quarrelled with a good friend till now haven reconcile yet.. remember last time i say nx time tell u hu's the guy ? so the good friend i'm saying is the guy i used to lyk in the past and last yrs onli we became friends and i guadually dun lyk him... tat guy is jss de Chia hsien... maybe not much ppl know him...

Have to cum update my blog one day, cos lyk outdated le... lolz... ^_^

Byez c ya guys the nx time...


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