Saturday, October 02, 2004


Thursday i gt back my English paper for compo and compre and surprisely i pass!!! i was so happy... My A maths also pass but still ok onli ... Yesterday i juz had my Chinese Exam and i will be able to pass with flying colours i guess...Most of the Qns they gave i know the ans... So shld be able to pass with flying colours ba...

Yesterday i also stay until very late in Sch... all becos of Lit teacher Ms Phua la... i frm 12 sumthing stay until 3 sumthing then go home... After that i went to alec ( you peng) the signature thing... I got his signature both on poster and Cd.... i'm so happy !!!

Oh Ya did anyone hear my name on 933 on Tuesday (28/9)? I was the last letter at Xian Ge Ji Yi... So happy that sumone stay by the radio...The person is none other then Chia Hsien...Tat day is his bday so tat dedication was for him... Overall i go and count and realise that he sent me 7 thankz ... Very surprisingly he lyk the card that i sent thru letter... I actually also quite lyk that card then almost not bear to sent him that card but later i juz sent the letter without hesitanting... Actually quite glad that he lyk it... He still got one thankz haven say to me... but 4ever i keep it as a secret unless my god bro kai quan go say out. I think he nt dare la, cos i threaten him if he say out i will strangler him which he dun lyk. HAHAZ !!! !!!

I think i have to end here le cos i have to study for my Exam....



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